MYAC Chamber Music Questionnaire 2018 - 2019

MYAC Chamber Music Program Placement Questionnaire

MYAC prides itself in offering the most comprehensive, yet fully individual and personalized, Chamber Music Program possible for our students.

Very few programs in the nation are as large as MYAC and no other youth program has experienced the competitive success that MYAC has at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition over the past sixteen years, both indicators of the quality of our students and the instruction that MYAC offers.

All MYAC Symphony and Concert Orchestra members should complete this form! Philharmonia/Concertino Orchestra members who are interested in participating in Chamber Music and students interested in the Chamber-Only Program may also complete this form.

Priority for chamber ensemble placement is given to all members of Symphony and Concert Orchestra since it is required to participate. Every attempt will be made to place interested Philharmonia and Concertino Orchestra members.

Placement in MYAC's Chamber Music-Only Program (no enrollment in orchestra) is only made if space is available.

Students can be placed in any one of these possible Chamber Music Program options:

  1. Chamber Music Ensemble: Classic or Intensive - trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, septets or octets.

    Classic Chamber Music Expectations:
    • prepare music outside of rehearsals
    • perform on a minimum of one Sunday Soiree per semester

    Intensive Chamber Music Expectations:
    • commit to rehearsing with their ensemble at least one hour each week in addition to their coaching
    • participate in the Discover National Chamber Music Competition and possibly other chamber music competitions
    • perform on a minimum of two Sunday Soirees per semester

  2. Sonata Class
    Sonata Class is a wonderful opportunity for 3-5 students to meet with a coach/pianist and discuss sonata form while working on a sonata piece of their choosing, usually selected in consultation with the student’s private teacher, and performed on a special Sonata Class recital each semester. Sonatas are considered chamber music because there is much more “interplay” between the piano and solo part than between the solo and orchestral part as in a concerto. Also please note that the sonata can be for any instrument so the Sonata Class can be for mixed instruments (e.g. violin, oboe, trumpet, tuba).


Expectations for all of the above placements are similar as students should attend all coachings and rehearsals as well as prepare their music ahead of time.

Please fill out the following questionnaire as accurately as possible. Many factors including age, commitment level (in past years), and skill level are taken into consideration along with your answers to this questionnaire.


Please answer all of the questions or your form will not be submitted.

I am interested in being placed in: (please choose only one)

Please note: Intensive placement requires Director approval.

Sonata Class

Are you interested in taking Sonata class instead of a chamber music ensemble?

Yes, I am interested in taking Sonata class instead of chamber ensemble

Are you interested in taking Sonata class and a chamber music ensemble? (Chamber music tuition plus an additional $762)

Yes, I would like to be in a chamber ensemble and Sonata class

I am available to have Coachings on the following days:

Sunday: Yes No
Saturday: Yes No
Week Nights:Yes No
Which week nights are you available?:

2017 - 2018 MYAC Ensemble:

MYAC Ensemble for the upcoming season (If you are auditioning to move up, select that ensemble. If you are not, please select your current orchestra):

Are you willing to travel to MYAC on a different day than your coaching to rehearse, such as a Sunday?(Please note that this is not required.)
Only in special cases, such as having a masterclass or performance on the same day.

If you have additional comments or preferences, please write them here:

Personal Information

Preferred Student E-mail:
Grade Next Fall:
Primary Instrument:
Secondary Instrument:

Submit Your Form

Once you have verified that all the above information is complete and accurate, please click the button below.

*If you are not currently enrolled in an MYAC large ensemble, the Chamber Music only tuition is $1,103 per year - 24 coachings, and Intensive Chamber Music only tuition is $1,377 per year - 30 coachings and 30 hours minimum scheduled rehearsal time.