Finding the right college is hard enough as it is. Finding the right fit as a music enthusiast, while retaining some peace of mind in the process? That's much harder, and it's near impossible without good advice from folks who've been there before. That's why the Midwest Young Artists' Young Professionals Board is hosting its 5th annual College Night at the Fort in Highwood on Saturday, April 9th at 3:15 pm. Attendance is free and open to the public.

Presenters will include college admissions faculty from leading Illinois universities, professional musicians recently out of music school, music school graduates in non-music careers, and many others. They won't all agree on everything, of course, but that's the point; they'll help you find out what path makes the most sense for students and parents alike. Plus, there'll be a reception after with snacks and drinks afterwards.

We look forward to seeing you there! For any questions---besides, of course, those you have for the panelists---or for more info, please email Matthew Jenetopulos at

Call: (847) 926-9898 or visit
Address: 878 Lyster Road, Highwood, IL 60040

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