Select MYA students will have the opportunity to perform for and learn from Shmuel Ashkenasi, internationally acclaimed violin soloist and chamber musician. Mr. Ashkenasi is a founding member of the Vermeer quartet, faculty at the Curtis Institute of Music, and has performed as soloist with many leading orchestras. Space to perform is limited, but attendance is free and open to the public.


Program includes: Mendelssohn String Quintet in Bb, Debussy String Quartet, Mendelssohn String Quartet in a minor, and Shostakovich Piano Trio in e minor

Performers: Eva Nicholson, Ariel Chah, Andria Radios, Rachel Riess, Ezra Escobar, Robert Sanders, Anna Stenzel, Peter Dudek, Anastasia Dalianis, Masha Lakisova, Rebecca Moy, Natalie Clarke, Adam Lee, Daniel Rong, Angela Noh, David Caplan

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