End 2013 with two afternoons of ensemble playing, rehearsing, jamming and video. We want you! January 2nd and 3rd, for Midwest Young Artists Rock Experience Video Retreat Bash, which takes entirely too long to stammer, so we're calling it MYA REVRB! And it's free! We'll spend two afternoons polishing the parts, tweaking the solos, do some jamming, setting mic levels, practicing a few takes, then we'll digitally roll the cameras as we preserve our work for post-production enhancements and an MYA REVRB video destined to go viral! If you play an instrument, a) you want to join us and b) we WANT you to join us. All instruments welcome, including vocalists. You'll have a chance to read the charts that we'll be working on beforehand so we can hit the ground running on January 2nd, then we work from 2-4pm each day. RSVP for MYA REVRB. Okay, I'm required to say that MYA REVRB will be a LEARNING experience, which, actually it will be. Despite that challenge, we'll also have a lot of serious musical fun and generate a lot of serious sound in the process. For better or worse, you'll be riffing with your instrument like never before.You and your instrument, by the way, are dying to be in a video, C'mon, admit it! Tell your parents: it's MYA REVRB and it's free! Honestly, what else do you have going those days? Join the MYA REVRB ensemble as we rock our way to on-line notoriety.

Call MYA at: 847-926-9898 or Email

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