Young Music Scholars

Students who play an instrument or sing in an ensemble learn discipline, focus, hard work, teamwork, and other life skills through the pursuit of musical excellence in ensemble experiences. And, students who actually participate in music making at the high level which we provide at MYAC, become the next generation of professional musicians and dedicated amateurs who support and continue the tradition of classical and jazz music.

Students who audition for MYAC’s programs have had the benefit of supportive parents, a teacher or another person who has provided them with private lessons, an instrument, transportation to MYAC, and encouragement in their love and pursuit of making music. Not all students are that lucky.

In 2010-2011, MYA Conservatory started a Young Music Scholars Program whose goal is to reach out to students who wouldn’t normally find their way to MYAC. MYAC provides scholarships to Reading Orchestra and beyond and gives students recommended by their school music directors the opportunity to take lessons taught by professionals and mentored by students in Symphony Orchestra.

Student mentors are chosen from juniors and seniors in high school who participate in MYA Conservatory’s Symphony Orchestra. These mentors participate in a training program that includes working with master private teachers, and then are given the opportunity to practice teaching the Young Music Scholars under the guidance of a professional music educator. For any student considering majoring in music, this gives teaching experience and a head start on college studies.

For more information, click on these links or email Karen Dennis.

Teachers: Nominate Students for the YMS Program - Link to PDF

General Description of the Program in Spanish (Descripción General del Programa) – Link to PDF

YMS Mentor Application Form – Link to updated PDF for 2015-16