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  • Press Release10.26.07 MYA's Early & New Music Concert featuring Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer, Double-trumpet duo
  • Press Release 9.01.07 MYA Announces 2007- 08 Season Debut at the Harris Theater
  • Press Release 8.30.07 MYA Announces: Chicago National Chamber Music Competition
  • Press Release 8.01.07 Millennium Park Presents: MYA's Welcome Home Concert
  • Press Release 6.08.07 Summer Tour to China & Korea
  • Press Release 5.05.07 MYA Civic Opera House Concert: Traveling the Silk Road
  • Press Release 3.25.07 Celebrating the New & the Old: eighth blackbird meets Mary Springfels
  • Press Release 2.24.07 Walgreens Concerto Winners
  • Press Release 12.16.06 Family Holiday Concert
  • Press Release 4.29.06 Pianist Chris O'Riley and MYA at the Genesee Theatre
  • Press Release 12.16.05 CSO Welcome Yule! Concerts Welcome MYA Choristers
  • Press Release 12.11.05 Studs Terkel to Present Lecture at Harris Theater
  • Press Release 12.02.05 MYA Young Musicians Reach 2000 School Children
  • Press Release 8.13.05 MYA International Concert Tour

December 12, 2004 Concerts at the Harris Theater


Walgreens National Concerto Competition

Jazz in January

February 26, 2005 Concerts at the Genesee Theatre

April 30, 2005 Concerts at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall

May 1, 2005 Mozart and Mystery Choral Concert

2005 National Fischoff Chamber Music Competition Results