Molly Yeh :: Walgreens National Concerto Competition

Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh (MYA Alum ’07)
2007 MYA Senior Division, percussion
Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints - Alan Hovhaness

College: The Juilliard School

Other Competitions:
Fischoff junior division gold medalist, ’04 and ’05
Fischoff junior division semifinalist, ’03
Glenbrook Concerto Competition winner, ’06

What are you doing now? Do you still play your instrument?
I am entering my final year of Juilliard in the fall, and I split my free time between freelancing in New York City and food writing. I write for my personal blog ( and for the Eat Out section in Time Out New York magazine. After I graduate, I hope to travel abroad to pursue graduate studies in music or food or both!

What do you remember most from the competition?
I remember stressing out about my hair and outfit (the real important things...) I wore a green sweater and I had to put gobs of hairspray in my hair to keep it from getting in my face. I also remember going into turbo practice mode the day before and cramming relentlessly.

Who helped you prepare for the competition?
My teachers, my parents and my accompanists. My good friend and fellow MYA alum, Doug Rosenthal, finally got it through to me that I needed to practice my piece slowly - straight hours of shedding the last page of my piece the day before the competition!

What is your advice for participants in the 15th Annual Walgreens Concerto Competition? Pick a piece that you love, and prepare it so well that you can play it at a level where you know that if you don't win, it was a matter of personal preference on the judges' parts. Maybe they didn't like the piece or your musical phrasing, but don't you dare give them anything technical to critique you on. Also, BE EXCITING. Don't be boring. Ever ever ever.