Krista Stewart :: Walgreens National Concerto Competition

Krista Stewart

Krista Stewart
2004 Overall Open Division, violin
Violin Concerto in d minor Op. 47- Sibelius

College: University of Wisconsin-Madison. BA in Molecular Biology

What are you doing now? Do you still play your instrument?
I am a medical student at UW-Madison. Interested in pediatric plastic surgery or neurosurgery. I'm also working on research in central nervous system regeneration after injury. I still play violin in the medical school chamber music group Coda Blue and electric violin in our band The Arrhythmias. I also teach violin to young students.

Do you have any tips for working with an accompanist?
Work together and always listen-it's a joint effort just like chamber music. Knowing the accompanist's part is just as important as knowing your own.

What is your advice for participants in the 15th Annual Walgreens Concerto Competition?
Enjoy it! It's an amazing experience to be surrounded by talented fellow young musicians. Have fun performing and don't worry about the results-they are not the most important aspect of the competition.