Jeremy Black :: Walgreens National Concerto Competition

Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black (MYA Alum ’96)
1994 MYA Senior Division, violin
1st Violin Concerto, 1st movement - Paganini

College: Case Western Reserve University, University of Michigan

What are you doing now? Do you still play your instrument?
Section First Violin, Pittsburgh Symphony, and Concertmaster, Grant Park Orchestra.

What do you remember most about the competition?
I remember my nerves for the first rehearsal with orchestra. Even today I still find I'm most nervous for the first rehearsal as it's usually the first time to play the piece "in public", and there is so much unknown about how the musical collaboration with the orchestra will go.

Do you have any tips for working with an accompanist?
Treat the pianist as you would your teacher - he or she likely has a lot more experience playing the piece than you do. Also, approach the accompanist's (and eventually the orchestra's) part as you would a duet. The better the collaboration, the better the performance!

What is your advice for participants in the 15th Annual Walgreens Concerto Competition?
Have run-throughs in a space similar to the one in which the competition will be held. Your sound will be much different in a large auditorium and it'll be one less "surprise" to worry about!